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Do People Around You Really Influence You?

We have seen headlines saying that surrounding ourselves with good people is the best thing to do to make our life better. Do people really influence our life? I would say yes. We might think that people are influential but... Continue Reading →

How I Survived High School

A high school is a beautiful place, for, you get to know so much about this world, far beyond what the academics have to offer. My high school is about to end in 5-6 months and during this period where... Continue Reading →

How to Have a Good Conversation

Hey readers, I recently came across this amazing video by one of the most popular and amazing Youtube channels, The School of Life. This brilliant video discusses our shortcomings in making a conversation more meaningful and productive and further provides ways... Continue Reading →

The Halo Effect

Its human tendency to never despise a despicable act done by a person we are fond of. Thank the halo effect for this.

Presenting My Blog’s New Logo!!

Hey guys! I just spent an hour or so and designed this new logo theme for my blog. Hope you would like it!

It’s OKAY to Start Over

Life doesn’t stop for anybody. People will continue to make plans. Plans to change their lives. Plans that define their futures. Plans to start new careers. Plans to launch new projects. The list goes on. But sometimes our best plans... Continue Reading →

How to Become Instantly Likable

Let me tell you a thing or two about myself first. I meet new people almost every week and no matter how much value they may provide to me, I'll always form an opinion, though futile, whether I like them... Continue Reading →

Hardwork and Productivity

With absolutely no doubt, a part of our success depends on how hard we work, how much we sweat and how many hours we give in. And well, for the remaining 90℅ of success, it depends totally on how much... Continue Reading →

Ideas to Improve Creative Thinking

Remember the times when creativity was only for artists? And that creativity was considered a waste of time? Even though that mentality still exists in education, creativity is one of the most valuable skills in today’s complex world. Businesses look... Continue Reading →

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